Walk-On Turned Leading Scorer in Iran Super League

How abounding Walk-on Basketball players anytime accomplish it through the Grinder arrangement we alarm academy basketball and play at the Professional level?

For those who don’t know, a “walk-on” is a academy amateur that doesn’t adore the privileges of an able-bodied scholarship, paying their own way in school. These above survivors don’t get any abatement on charge or the ante they accept to pay in convenance and amateur every day. They’re generally abounding with chore-like duties and usually end up watching a lot of practices and games. A lot of aren’t advantageous abundant to biking with the aggregation on alley trips.

Every so generally though, a walk-on emerges out of the rubble. You can allocate it as luck or timing alloyed in with arduous backbone and determination, but now and again one of them makes it assimilate the court. In amazing cases, they even accomplish it to the starting band up of their academy team. But of these “cream of the crop” walk-on athletes, we actual hardly see them arena accomplished the academy level.

One above walk-on that went adjoin these allowance and played professionally is Jonas Lalehzadeh. This under-the-radar gem progressed from a broken MCL at UC Irvine to the Leading Scorer in the Iranian Super League afterwards just 2 seasons (2013). If commenting on his adventure to the top, he shares, “I put My Heart and Soul out there Everyday. And if I say everyday, I beggarly it; every individual day I advance myself accomplished my breaking point… I accept acceptance that If I accumulate working, things plan themselves out.” And absolutely they have, Lalehzadeh averaged over 20 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists and 2.8 steals per bold this accomplished season. He was aswell called for the Iranian National Team, allowance appropriate the Gold badge for their West Asia Championship.

The 24 year old has met his challenges bang and is still blame forward. He denticulate alone 30 credibility his absolute career at UC Irvine; endure division he denticulate over 30 credibility in a bold on abundant occasions. This may assume abominable for outsiders, but those who accept formed with Jonas are not so shocked. Coach Jason Smith from Brewster Academy (New Hampshire) shared, “We are not afraid by his accustomed success, because he has consistently apparent the admiration to improve… He apparent a amazing plan belief and admiration to advance on a circadian basis.”

When speaking to Jonas about area he thinks he will be next, he mentioned, “My ambition is to artlessly do the best I can do and I apperceive I can play at the accomplished level… the NBA is something I accept been advancing for my absolute life. I will be hiring the appropriate Agent anon to represent me and advice accomplish these advancing decisions together.” I asked him if the NBA seemed too aerial of a ambition for him. He calmly responded, “loftiness is an illusion… of advance it is a challenge, but that’s what activity is about. It’s about adverse our challenges and adequate those challenges for what they represent.”

For what challenges lay in foreground of Lalehzadeh, we should ambition him luck. The adamant yet apprehensive 6’5″ point bouncer has not accustomed any excuses appropriately far. The Irvine California Native has kept the blaze afire inside, proving that with harder plan and faith, the ultimate akin of success is attainable. Isn’t that what we all amount accustomed as we yield on our own struggles; with the appropriate apperception set and plan belief we too can accomplish our own akin of greatness? So if you bang into Lalehzadeh on his way to one of 18 workouts this anniversary or appear beyond his adventure on Social Media proclaimed #ProjectJonas, accord him a top 5 and assure him that we are auspicious for him. Not just for the account of his own success, but for the boldness and dreamer in all of us.

The Top Five Cape Cod Seafood Restaurants

Cape Cod, amid in eastern Massachusetts, is a aloft day-tripper destination anniversary summer. This admirable littoral arena is abounding with agreeableness and atmosphere. Cape Cod is a lot of acclaimed for its aperitive seafood. Not surprisingly, there are a advanced arrangement of seafood restaurants in the region. Tourists are confronted by a boundless arrangement of choices, and may accept adversity award the best advantage for them. However, there are some restaurants that acceleration arch and amateur aloft the rest.

Here are the top 5 Cape Cod seafood restaurants.

5. Wimpy’s

This colorful, family-owned restaurant has been confined accomplished seafood dishes for over fifteen years. It is advised to address to a advanced arrangement of guests, from families with baby accouchement to adolescent adults accepting a night out with their friends. Wimpy’s is best accepted for its adorable borsch and Mediterranean swordfish.

4. Mac’s Shack

Set in old colonial appearance home, Mac’s Shack is accepted for its affable and airy atmosphere. It’s the affectionate of places breadth guests adulation to acknowledgment afresh and afresh to sample some of their admired dishes. The restaurant appearance a arrangement of abundant Cape Cod angle and added accepted littoral treats.

3. The Brewster Angle House

This different restaurant is accepted for its able afterward a part of bounded seafood lovers. Angle specials are offered anniversary day, as able-bodied as an absorbing arrangement of accomplished wines. The Brewster Angle House is one of the classiest of the Cape Cod seafood restaurants and is accepted for its affected appearance and aesthetic aliment presentations.

2. Quarterdeck

Known for its august shrimp, lobster, and chowder, Quarterdeck has continued been a aloft amateur in the Cape Cod seafood arena for over three decades and has congenital a ample clientele. Some of the copse in the architecture dates all the way aback to 17th aeon colonial times. It’s a absolute atom for anyone who would like to accept cafeteria or banquet at a celebrated location.

1. The Lobster Pot

This elite, award-winning enactment is the baron of the Cape Cod seafood restaurants. It appearance beach dining apartment with a admirable appearance of the adjacent anchorage and the Atlantic Ocean. The Lobster Pot has a actual ample seafood menu, and all of the items on it are accessible starting at lunchtime. Its acclaimed Tim’s Clam Borsch is accepted throughout New England. The Lobster Pot offers the absolute alloy of atmosphere and abundant seafood.

All of these restaurants action exceptional dishes and accomplished account and assemblage artlessly cannot go amiss with any of these choices. Anyone visiting the breadth should analysis out as abounding of these establishments as accessible for the abounding Cape Cod seafood experience.

5 Vacation Movies To Watch Before You Plan Your Family Summer Trip

Summer is actuality and for abounding families that agency it is time for an anniversary ancestors vacation. Nice acclimate and a breach from time commitments like academy accomplish summer a abundant day to adore some time abroad with the family. Gather your ancestors and watch one of these 5 ancestors vacation movies afore you activate your own journey.


“National Lampoon’s Vacation” is a must-see ancestors vacation movie. Clark Griswold has planned the absolute vacation for his family. They plan to biking anatomy Chicago, area they live, to the Wally World affair esplanade in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, Clark’s accurate planning and acceptable intentions are not abundant to accumulate their vacation on track. They run into agitation and accumulate admirers bedlam the absolute way.

2. RV

“RV” is addition vacation cine area the ancestors gets into agitation as they biking beyond the country. Bob Munro affairs to yield his ancestors to Hawaii, but a plan charge causes a change in plans. Rather than let his ancestors know, he decides to absorb his plan charge into the vacation and hire an RV for his ancestors vacation. A abridgement of RV acquaintance and some bad attitudes in the Munro ancestors actualize a compound for adversity and abounding action in this movie.


In “Cheaper By the Dozen 2,” Tom and Kate Baker plan a final ancestors vacation for their ample ancestors as their oldest accouchement get accessible to move abroad and on with their lives. The ancestors finds themselves in antagonism with the ancestors of Tom’s old rival, Jimmy Murtaugh. By the end of the cine the two families acquisition a way to get along, and the Baker’s appear to agreement with the changes they are traveling through.


“Guilt Trip” is about an aggressive adolescent inventor, Andy Brewster and his accord with his mother. He is absorption all of his activity into accepting his invention, a accustomed charwoman product, into a retail store. Andy visits his mother afore embarking on a continued cruise and decides to allure her forth for the ride. He tells his mother he wants to absorb time with her, but he secretly affairs to accumulate his mother with a long-lost love. The accord amid Andy and his mother is entertaining, with Andy aggravating to get his over-bearing mother to back-off and his mother consistently blame back. We are reminded how important ancestors is in this movie.


Chet and Connie plan a fun vacation for their ancestors in the cine “The Abundant Outdoors.” Unfortunately, their affairs change if Connie’s sister, Kate, and her husband, Roman, appearance up with their two children. Chet and Roman, in particular, cannot get along. Roman and Chet are affected to appear calm to advice Roman’s girls if they get into danger. Sometimes families accept a harder time accepting along, but advancing calm if it affairs the a lot of is what is important.